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Worthington is a classic town that blends traditional American style with modern necessities. Almost entirely surrounded by the city of Columbus, Worthington OH homes are a popular choice for home buyers. With its exemplary community, multitude of attractions and great value, Worthington OH real estate is highly desirable. Come and see what makes this Ohio town so special by checking out our Worthington homes for sale.

Worthington Community Information

People have been living in Worthington since the early 19th century, drawn by its natural beauty and lush fields. Today most of the early farms and home are gone, replaced by a tight knit town with deep roots. The townspeople made efforts to restore Worthington's historical downtown district and today a popular pastime with residents is a stroll down the old streets, stopping off for brunch at one of the many restaurants lining the way.

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Worthington is also proud of its reputation as having one of the best public school systems in Ohio. Worthington High School has been operating since 1880 and is the crown jewel of a network of public schools that serve the local area. The town's effort to improve education is noted in it's strong commitment to its 3 public libraries that sponsor many community services.

Worthington Area Attractions

Antrim Park_Worthington.JPGOne of the main attractions to Worthington OH homes for sale is how close the town is to Columbus. Best known as the home of The Ohio State University, Buckeye fans come from all over the state come to stay and party in Columbus during football season. For many, the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon is tailgating at the Horseshoe, an affectionate nickname for the university's stadium, in preparation for the big game.

Outside of its proximity to collegiate activities and city life, much of the attraction to Worthington real estate is historic. Early designers modeled the city after colonial Northeastern villages, and even today Worthington still has its village green. Many homes from the 19th century, such as the Louis Noble home and the Aurora Buttles house, are still preserved in their original condition.

Worthington OH Real Estate

106 E New England.JPGWorthington real estate comes in all different shapes and sizes. Most of the Worthington homes for sale are single family homes. Some of Worthington's famous neighborhoods, like Worthington Estates and Colonial Hills, represent the best of the large planned communities built after the end of World War II. They feature winding residential streets, numerous small public parks and spacious lots. It's difficult today to find modern neighborhoods with as much to offer as these old postwar planned communities. Worthington OH homes for sale represent some of the best value in the state, combining excellent location with great value. Use a real estate agent to help you find and buy your perfect Worthington home.

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